Quality of a product or service is a direct outcome of the efficiency of it process. Disciplined and matured business processes are the key elements in building a sustainable business.The business processes covers whole business lifecycle from design, procurement to delivery of service/ product. Many work predictably while others need improvements. It is very difficult for an entrepreneur to assess where to invest limited resources, what to address and when, unless a professional opinion has been obtained with regarding to improving the quality in business processes.

Obtaining a professional opinion not only has cost implications but can prove to be time consuming not to speak of the limited availability of domain experts. Many entrepreneurs especially start-ups and SME’sare unable to seek expertise outside their organisation as it involves significant amount of financial resources that force them to compromise on the quality of their processes.Many entrepreneurs end up landing in problems, in addition to poor customer satisfaction, in business process areas such as non-compliance to statutes which results in various penal consequences like Interests, penalties & prosecutions and inability to meet business targets.

It is here that our product “Process maturity assessment modules”which works in an extremely secure environment, will be a one-stop solution for the entrepreneurs to assess, on a continuous basis, the maturity of processes employed in their business. These solutions are an off shoot of a number of years of interaction with entrepreneurs and start-ups. The product has been structured and customised to meet the varying business needs.

These modules containset of questions relating to various processes which are framed by our domain experts taking into consideration of numerous business processes and its needs. An process owner has to respond to the queries, which our experts would analyze and measure the maturity levels of the business processes through scores and will suggest the roadmap for improvements in such processes. It is a great opportunity to avail high degree of professional opinions at a nominal cost.